Scottie Barnes: Applause From Nuggets Coach For Raptor Star

Scottie Barnes-Toronto Raptors- BLATZOO Reviews

In the range of eliciting admiration from Michael Malone, the head coach of the Denver Nuggets, the task has become a formidable challenge. The coach found himself at a loss for words when probed by a journalist about the standout moment from Nikola Jokic in the triumphant clash against the Toronto Raptors star Scottie Barnes. After culminating in a 113-104 victory on Wednesday.

In response to the inquiry, Malone candidly admitted that nothing stands out. I don’t have one that was kind of eye-popping. A rather intriguing revelation considering the game featured Jokic’s audacious pass off the backboard. Also, orchestrated a fortuitous sequence that led to Aaron Gordon facilitating a corner three for Michael Porter Jr.

Surprisingly, amidst this lack of Jokic-centric acclaim, one player managed to capture Malone’s attention. “Scottie Barnes is a hell of a player,” proclaimed Malone during the post-game discourse. He went on to elaborate on Barnes’ relentless approach, applying substantial pressure on their defense in transition, irrespective of the outcome—be it a make, miss, or turnover.

Scottie Barnes-Toronto-Raptors- BLATZOO Reviews

While Barnes is leagues away from clinching a two-time MVP title. There are fleeting moments when his prowess mirrors that distinctive Jokic flair. The duo shares an exceptional blend of stature and playmaking prowess, affording them the unique ability to survey the court above the defensive fray and execute passes that few in the league would dare endeavor.

In a particular instance during the third quarter on Wednesday, Barnes emulated Jokic’s finesse. Securing a rebound beneath the basket, Barnes exhibited a Jokic-esque move, dribbling twice up the court before unleashing a left-handed missile to locate Pascal Siakam beneath the hoop for an effortless layup.

Good Words from Michael Malone

“Scottie Barnes is a player that can impact the game in so many ways,” emphasized Malone in the pre-game briefing. He drew parallels, likening Barnes to a point forward at times—leading the break, penetrating the paint, exhibiting high-level playmaking, and securing rebounds with commendable proficiency.

Compare with Nikola Jokic

Despite inquiries about potential comparisons to Jokic, Scottie Barnes remained evasive post-game. Jokic’s towering four extra inches and almost 50 pounds of weight grant him a more imposing presence on the court. Barnes acknowledged Jokic’s strategic use of his physique to establish position, in stark contrast to Barnes, a sizable forward relying on his exceptional speed to outmaneuver defenders and create favorable situations.

Yet, as Barnes dissected Jokic’s gameplay, the uncanny parallels between the two became apparent. “He just draws so much attention where they’ve got shooters everywhere,” Barnes observed of Jokic. “He’s either spreading it out to shooters or he’s got a low dunker man. He can just take it to the basket. The amalgamation of supernatural skill, and playmaking prowess. The supporting cast around Jokic is what elevates him into a formidable force. While Barnes has yet to ascend to that echelon, there’s an unmistakable uniqueness in Toronto’s burgeoning forward that demands nurturing. If Malone perceives this distinct quality in Barnes, the Raptors would be wise to acknowledge and foster it.

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