Texas A&M Spends Million Dollars To Sacked Jimbo Fisher


Texas A&M University is set to dismiss head football coach Jimbo Fisher on Sunday. So, as reported by two sources familiar with the matter. The university faces a substantial payout exceeding $75 million to buy out Fisher’s contract. But, this contract marks a record-breaking amount for a football coach.

Action Taken By Texas A&M

Sources indicate that the significant contractual settlement will not involve public funds. So, Texas A&M segregates its athletics and institutional funds. Typically, donor contributions are used to dismiss coaches of major college football programs. However, the Texas A&M University System referred inquiries to the university athletics department. They had not provided a comment at the time of the request. On Sunday, An official announcement through a press conference is later.

During their board meeting’s executive session last week. But, the A&M System Board of Regents, responsible for hiring and terminating athletic coaches, deliberated on dismissing the football coach, as per confirmed sources. TexAgs, an A&M fan site, made the initial disclosure of the decision.

Jimbo Fisher Sacked-By-Texas-AM-BLATZOO-Reviews

In 2017, university administrators surprised the college football community by unveiling a 10-year, $75 million contract to secure Jimbo Fisher’s services. So, A&M Texas enticed him away from Florida State University. But, the deal was notable for its lengthy duration and the guaranteed annual remuneration. In 2021, the board prolonged Fisher’s contract by four years amidst rumors of a possible move to Louisiana State University.

A&M Texas secured him an annual income of $9 million. Steve Sarkisian, the head football coach at the University of Texas at Austin, is assuring a $34.2 million under his six-year contract. At the time of Jimbo Fisher’s lucrative contract extension, university leaders justified the substantial investment. However, asserting that Jimbo Fisher is a national championship winner in Florida.

Reasons of Removing Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher was worthy, the university aspiring to achieve championship victories. Nevertheless, Jimbo Fisher has not met expectations, managing an overall record of 45-25. The last season ended on a disappointing note with a 5-7 record. Then, the team is currently experiencing another underwhelming season, currently standing at 6-4.

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